Sunday, June 13, 2010

Movin' On

Well... nothing spectacular. Just got a new Wondermill. I've wanted one forever. I just couldn't bear the price. I finally brokedown and got one. The one in Dallas was toooo expensive, so I checked online and found the best price plus shipping and handling free!! Kelly will be proud. The first batch was not so admirable. (old yeast). BUT, with new yeast and Kelly's no fail recipe, I have two beautiful loaves. Go ahead, pat me on the back. It takes no time to mill the flour and so easy to clean up. I can now enjoy being a member of the elite Mormon Women Club.
My left heel was hurting a few weeks ago. I work in Nike shoes and figured the padding in the sole was worn out. Clyde and I went to Acadamy Sports store and I tried on shoes. I balked at the prices of tennis shoes. While trying on several pairs, Clyde brought me a pair of Skechers Shape-ups. There was no comparison in the fit and feel. In one day my heel quit hurting. I have about an inch added to my frame, which can't hurt. It took a day or two to get used to them. It forces a more heel to toe walk. They are suppose to improve my posture, strengthen my back, tone back and thigh and butt muscles, reduce joint pain and tighten abdominal muscles. NOW if it could make me RICH!
I complain there is no time to do stuff just for me. Well, Clyde gave me a whole day to myself just to go shopping for me. True, the 3 summer dresses I've been wearing to church the past 10 years have seen better days. So, I spent all day Saturday with a wad of money and JUST ME! I bought a white polka dot jacket with black dots and piping, manderin collar, it goes great with black sheath dress underneath) Blue dress ($22. markdown , not my favorite, but heck! it was $22.) and 4 blouses. and a pair of white church shoes. Do you have any idea how hard it is to fine white lady shoes? I didn't want high heels, sandles, or strappy skank shoes, so it took 10 stores in 4 hours. Thank goodness for my new Skechers. While walking at the Boardwalk Mall, I saw they had a new fun swim game . Where the fountians were the have a huge 6 inch plastic wall holding in water. In it are 4 bubbles with kids inside walking around. Bet the grandkids would love that.
Thanks to Aunt Billie and an influx of Genealogical imformation, I have finally learned how to use New FamilySearch. I figured out the color codes and it has been pretty easy. I took names with me to Dallas and Clyde didn't find out till we were at work with them that they were his family marriages. He was pleased. I have a whole new stack to take next time.
Worked with Clyde all most all day Saturday measuring houses. It is getting hot and I hate to see him out in that heat all summer. He tries to go only in the early morning, but by noon, it's hot. He is taking care to stay hydrated, and has bottled water in the car in a cooler. He also carrys a ziplock with wet bath cloths in that cooler to for his face and neck. Still,,, he is getting older (60th Thursday) and I worry.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Yea!!! we got our newer computer back today. It had become slow and crampy and we were getting ticked at it. All washed and cleaned. Thanks , Bob Aldridge.

Let me try to catch you upon a few things. Had a beautiflu day a few Saturdays ago. Clyde and I went to Cypress Lake and just hung out. Yep, two old people huddled under a blanket, draped over two lawn chairs. We watch the clouds and the trees drop pollen and the crows fight over the last picnickers crumbs. We had uninterupted time to talk, laugh and worry together. It was very peaceful and just a little windy and cold. We tried to sit on the beach, but the wind whipped us pretty good, so we moved back up into the trees. Afterwards, we went to the small zoo at the entrance to the park. You know the usual, beaver, ducks, hawk, razorback, deer, and an alligator.
We also had a very nice Easter. We went over to Casey and Kristin's and had a yummy lunch. We got to watch Brooks, Beau, and Emma look for eggs. Look at Amber's facebook for pictures. Sunday, we watched Conference and had the Missionaries over for hamburgers. Bro. Boddie called eariler and wanted to feed them a large Easter dinner in the evening, so we were satisified to have them for a small lunch.
Clyde got a new I-phone. It is so exciting, technology just keeps pumping out bigger and better things. Learning all the ins and outs will take time. But he is enjoying playing with it.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

I know, It's been awhile

So many things have happened in the last few months. I think my last blog was in November. We had a great Christmas in Utah as usual. The grandkids are all growing up. So far this new year has been the coldest one I can remember. My feet are constantly cold and I have started wearing thermals under my scrubsat work. The lab is always cold, I think they are trying to save money by making us dress in layers. Our hands are in water,wet pumice or plaster during the day which leads me to use my bunson burner as a little campfire.

Billie and Dean came over from Oxford, MS for the weekend. We always enjoy their visits. Billie brought genealogy she had found on the Bounds side at Old Miss. They are wintering there and will head back to Quebec in the middle of March. Clyde and I plan to visit them that last weekend.We attended the Mardi Gras Parade and caught LOTS of beads and cups. The Highland parade was this afternoon and some of their floats threw HOT DOGS! Crazy, Zany people. They love to party. The crowd was as entertaining as the floats.
It snowed last week! We all enjoyed it and most enjoyed a day off from work. It wasn't bad traveling, the roads were fine. It lasted long enough for the kids to make snowmen and have a rare snowball fight.
I taught the lesson in RS today. I always get more out of the lesson than I give I think. I over research to make sure I don't go blank, and then give a list of all the articles and Ensign's I've read. in hopes they will get some of what I got out of the experiance. Iknow, I know, they aren't gonna take the time, but, someone might.

Our Stake Primary is making a banner to be worked on by the kids at our Stake Primary Activity. I'm sure they didn't realize how much work was involved so that the kids could finish it as their project of the day. I have a stack of ribbons and material that needs to be sewn. But, I will pace myself. I hope they like it.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Christmas Season Already?

looks like we are spiraling into Christmas. It's a big thing here with lots of preparations. Today we started calling friends to come over for Thanks giving dinner. I'm not looking forward to all the fuss, but, it takes to edge off not having my own family here. Of course Barb anf Mike and Gigi will be here, but the Miller's and Pinkston's, also. With all the kids it should be about 13 people. That sounds like enough. I have finally aquired a housekeeper, for emergencies, and she will help get the house ready.
We bought a Andre Bocelli Christimas CD last night. We are listening to Christmas music now, while Clyde prepares a "Marriage Prep" class lesson we are hosting tomorrow night. I think I'll invite everyone to help drag out the tree and decorate it after scrabble on T-day. It will be fun. Just put it all on, everthing, leave no ornament behind tree.
I am slowly recouperating. I gotta get it all together by Monday, I have to go back to work. I have a few nagging issues and would prefer to leave them at home. It has been a long lazy week and I am ready for a little chatter, and this to all be OVER finally.
I've lost 30 lbs. At Super Saturday today, yes , I attended, wanted to, I got a lot of complaiments on my weight loss. It will be a HUGE effort not to gain any back, but I plan to fight. Enjoyed the 2 hours I was there. Etched glass, learned to use a dry canner and picked up some home health care aid tips. Really, I just enjoyed being with all the ladies. It was a 1st and 2nd ward thing so I got to see all my old buddies. Our ward is so huge I really don't know a lot of the young Barksdale girls. They say they will split us soon, as always, that could be forever.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

This weeks goings on

I've been fighting a little bug, I brought home. I passed it off to Clyde and it seems he gave it back. Well, today I fought like a tiger. OTC drugs and o.j. and warm blankets. It is such a beautiful day, chilly but clear. It's been so long since we've seen sunshine. Would love to be in the front flower bed weeding and preparing it for winter.

This afternoon we will take dinner over to Gma B's. It's been smelling the place up all day. Roast, carrots, onion, celery and potatoes in the crockpot. Also, we have black-eyed peas, cornbread and turnip greens. YUM! She is looking forward to it , too. It's fall.....

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Oh.. what A week can do...

We feel so much better. My seat belt burn has gone from red to brick red (looking like a hatchet got me) to pale pink. My bruises have gone from blue to golden yellow and gone. I feel much better and Clyde is getting around better, too. He just has back problems. Thank-you for good drugs. Will probably go shopping for a car next weekend. Insurance adjuster just got over to Tyler ,Thursday, so it is taking some time to get this all cleared up. Thanks to my friend Polly for taking me to and from work. Things are fine. Here are a few better pictures of the Tundra (or what is left of it).